Citi SMRT Card

Let Citibank turn your daily spending into more savings. Combining the convenience of an ez-link card and a credit card, the Citibank SMRT Card lets you save at your favourite retail outlets islandwide. 


Make life more affordable with 5%* savings on your daily spend! 

  1.   5% savings on all groceries
  2.   5% savings on online purchases
  3.   5% savings on taxi rides, including private-hire vehicles
  4.   5% savings on EZ-Link Auto Top-up
  5.   5% savings on SimplyGo 
  6.   0.3% on other retail spend

See how your savings add up:

Categories Base rate on qualifying retail spend  Bonus rate on monthly qualifying retail spend ≥S$500  Total earn rate 
Groceries 0.3% 4.7% 5%
Online (exludes mobile wallet and and travel-related transactions) 
EZ-Link Auto top-up (SimplyGo)
Taxis (Excluding private-hire rides)#
Other qualifying retail spend NIL  0.3% 


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